Data Security Tips for Cloud Users

Selecting a Cloud service provider (CSP) isn’t just about picking the better deal that fits your company’s budget. The cloud provider framework is where your data will be stored and, more often than not, data plays a huge part of the day-to-day running of a business. Therefore, it is essential to go over other key points that make sure enough efforts are done to provide you with available, confidential and unchanged data. It is essential that your CSP voluntarily discloses this information on how your data will be stored whenever you need it. Infact, doing such checks will only be possible if the provider has transparent processes and procedures. Transparency plays a huge factor in this. You can read more about Transparency & Trust within the cloud environment, in my previous article.

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Transparency & Trust in Cloud Security

The Planet Data Center

Image by The Planet via Flickr

A Cloud service provider (CSP) can decide to expose various levels of its internal procedures. This article discusses how transparent processes adopted by CSP’s increase the confidence levels in an organization making use of cloud services.

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Opting for Disaster Recovery in the cloud


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Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP’s) have always been a subject of debate due to various factors such as the amount of capital required and resources invested in the system. It’s not easy to convince management to invest in such a plan when there may never be a return on investment, mostly when management also factor in solutions like insurance in the equation.

So why does DRP in the cloud make everyone’s (including your Financial Controller’s) life easier?

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